The Cross-Play feature allows PS3 users to fight against PS4 players in online matches.
Note: For the PS4 version of the game, players must sign up for PS Plus in order to engage in online matches.
Note: The PSVITA version of the game does not support the Cross-play feature.

Also, please note that the Invitation feature is not compatible in Cross-play.
You can only use the Invitation function with players on the same system.
Note: To play against certain players, search for them in Player Match using appropriate keywords.

Network Mode consists of the following sections:

Ranked Match

Each session allows for up to two players. Matches will be conducted under a certain set of regulations. The results of the match will be registered for rankings. It also allows you to wait for your opponent while playing in other offline game modes using the entry function.

Player Match

Each session can have up to eight players. There are four room types you can choose from: Match/Spectate Room, Free-for-All Room, Training Room, Replay Theater, and Team Battle Room.
You’re also able to customize other minor regulations. Match result here will not be registered for any of the rankings. You’re also allowed to invite friends to your sessions.
Player Room now takes the format of My Room, and the settings can be adjusted through Player Data.

Online Lobby

Please note there is no online lobby function available for the PlayStation®Vita version.

Player Data

Edit the profile you will use for online matches.
You can also view rankings and player lists, as well as set up My Room.


Check the latest information on BLAZBLUE, check out/purchase DLCs available for the game.

* You’re required to sign up for Sony Entertainment Network to have online matches in the Network Mode of this game.

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