Game Rules

Reduce your opponent’s health gauge to win each round. The first to win 2 rounds is the winner of the match. If the timer reaches 0, then the player with more health wins the round.

1) HP Gauge

The character’s remaining HP. When this gauge is empty, that character has been defeated.

2) Heat Gauge

It’s a gauge required to use Rapid Cancel, Distortion Drive, Astral Heat, and Counter Assault. It increases when your attacks make contact with the opponent and vice-versa.

3) Barrier Gauge

The gauge is consumed as the character uses their barrier. When it is depleted, the character enters “Danger” status.

4) Overdrive Icon

This icon indicates whether Overdrive or Break Burst can be used. It illuminates in yellow when these special moves are available for use while it turns gray when they’re not available.

5) Remaining Time

The time remaining in the round.

6) Victory Icon

The number of rounds that have been won. When you win a certain number of rounds, you’ve won the match.


Button Mapping


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Technical Type


bbcf_tt1aControls are: 8 directional points + 4 buttons. In addition to the 3 attack buttons—weak, mid, and strong—is the “Drive button,” which is used for character-specific special moves.

* These commands assume the character is facing right. The arrows denote which direction you must press on the directional buttons.
* For ↘ ↙ ↗ ↖ you must press two directions on the directional buttons simultaneously.

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Stylish Type


bbcf_st1aSimplified controls mean easier combos! Even impressive attacks like Distortion Drives and Astral Heats can be performed with a touch of a button. On the character select screen press the L1 button or put your cursor over TECHNICAL and push the X Button until it says “STYLISH.” Then select the character you would like to play.

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