Game Rules

Reduce your opponent’s health gauge to win each round. The first to win 2 rounds is the winner of the match. If the timer reaches 0, then the player with more health wins the round.

HP Gauge

The character’s remaining HP. When this gauge is empty, that character has been defeated.

Heat Gauge

It’s a gauge required to use Rapid Cancel, Distortion Drive, Astral Heat, and Counter Assault. It increases when your attacks make contact with the opponent and vice-versa.

Barrier Gauge

The gauge is consumed as the character uses their barrier. When it is depleted, the character enters “Danger” status.

Overdrive Icon

This icon indicates whether Overdrive or Break Burst can be used. It illuminates in yellow when these special moves are available for use while it turns gray when they’re not available.

Remaining Time

The time remaining in the round.

Victory Icon

The number of rounds that have been won. When you win a certain number of rounds, you’ve won the match.

Button Mapping

Directional buttons/Left stick Move Character
◎ button Strong Attack ( button)
X button Drive Attack ( button)
△ button Mid Attack ( button)
□ button Weak Attack ( button)
R1 button Taunt (AP button)
L1 button FN1 button
L2 button FN2 button
SELECT button Return to Start Position (Tutorial/Challenge/Training Mode)
START button Display Pause Menu

Note: You can change buttons and controls in Options.

Technical Type

Controls are: 8 directional points + 4 buttons.
In addition to the 3 attack buttons—weak, mid, and strong—is the “Drive button,” which is used for character-specific special moves.

※ These commands assume the character is facing right. The arrows denote which direction you must press on the directional buttons.
※For , , , you must press two directions on the directional buttons simultaneously.

BARRIER GUARD + simultaneously
This move depletes your Barrier gauge in exchange for a slightly stronger guard. Using the Barrier Guard has certain advantages, such as blocking attacks that can’t be normally blocked in midair, and avoiding chip damage from special attacks. As long as you maintain your Barrier Guard, your Barrier gauge will deplete. When the Barrier gauge reaches 0, your character will be in the “Danger” state, their defense will be drastically lowered, and Barrier Guard will be unavailable until the gauge is restored.
THROW Press + near your opponent
Pressing + at the same time near your opponent will execute a Throw on your opponent. Throws cannot be blocked, but you must be close to your opponent to successfully land one.
If your opponent attempts to perform a Throw on you, pressing + the moment you are thrown will allow you to perform a Throw Escape, releasing you from their grasp. However, Throws that counter hit an opponent or special command Throws (when performed correctly), cannot be escaped. You must attempt a Throw Escape at exactly the right time—too soon, and you will be unable to avoid your opponent’s Throw.
Recovery Aerial Roll: When you get hit in air, hold down , , or (+ or or neutral).

Emergency Roll: Right before you are knocked down, hold , , or to recover from the attack.

Pushing the stick in different directions allows for different kind of recoveries.
You can also execute an emergency roll after being knocked down.
Recovery moves and rolls will give you periods of invincibility of varying length.

Wake-up When you are knocked down, hold , , or button (+ or or or neutral) to wake up.
While you are knocked down, you will be defenseless against enemy attacks.
Pushing the stick in different directions allows for different kind of wake-ups.
Waking up causes you to be defenseless for a short time.
COUNTER ASSAULT + + during guard
This move consumes 50% of your Heat gauge, but initiates a counterattack from a blocking stance. This move will cause different actions for each character, such as unleashing an attack or taking evasive action.
RAPID CANCEL (The moment your attack lands or is blocked), press + + simultaneously
“Rapid Cancel” will forcibly interrupt the animation of your current action and return the character to a neutral position, from which they can perform another action. This will consume 50% of your Heat gauge.
DISTORTION DRIVE Input specific commands
A “Distortion Drive” is a powerful attack, unique to each character. Each character’s Distortion Drive requires a different set of commands. Using a Distortion Drive consumes 50% of your Heat gauge and activating one during an Overdrive will create even a bigger impact.
ASTRAL HEAT Input specific commands
Astral Heats are ultimate attacks that tap into a hidden power of your character. If your Astral Heat hits its target, your victory is assured. It’s available only when all the conditions shown below are satisfied, and requires a different set of commands for each character.

When all the conditions below are satisfied, the icon of your character will start flashing, indicating Astral Heat is ready to be unleashed.
– When you need just one more round to win the match.
– The target has less than 35% of their HP left.
– Your Heat Gauge is at 100%.

This is a Guard Crush which consumes 25% of your Heat gauge and holding down + button simultaneously will delay its occurrence. Landing this move on an opponent on guard will induce a Guard Crush; however, it can be blocked with a Barrier Guard.
BREAK BURST + + + (while blocking or taking damage)
This is an emergency evasive move which can be used even while you’re taking damage. It consumes your Overdrive gauge.
This move temporarily enhances each character’s unique ability, consuming your Overdrive gauge. The Overdrive Icon (Overdrive gauge) is required for unleashing an Overdrive or Break Burst. It’s yellow when it’s ready and gray when it’s not available. Overdrive gauge will fill over time and when it’s full it’d be ready for use. The less HP there is, the longer it lasts and when it’s in use, the counter stops.
INSTANT BLOCK / INSTANT BARRIER Block/Barrier Guard right before your opponent’s attack hits
When an Instant Block is performed correctly, your character will glow white. When you use an Instant Block, your character will take less time to recover from the block, making it easier to perform an escape. Your Heat gauge will fill a little more than normal.

Stylish Type

Simplified controls mean easier combos!
Even impressive attacks like Distortion Drives and Astral Heats can be performed with a touch of a button.

On the character select screen press the FN1 button (default setting: L1) or put your cursor over TECHNICAL and push the ○Button until it says “STYLISH.” Then select the character you would like to play.

Unique Operations Details
THROW / THROW ESCAPE Press + near your opponent / Press +
DISTORTION DRIVE Press + simultaneously.  + and simultaneously, + +
simultaneously.(The character you’re using determines the buttons to be used or the kind of attack it will release.)
ASTRAL HEAT + + simultaneously.
Recovery/Roll Possible with any button
BREAK BURST + + + (while blocking or taking damage)
OVERDRIVE Not available.
COUNTER ASSAULT Not available.
RAPID CANCEL Not available.
CRUSH TRIGGER Not available.

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