A.D. 2100.

Mankind faced a trial they could never have foreseen.

A creature known as the “Black Beast” appeared out of nowhere in Japan. In the face of the disasters it caused, the nations of the world elected to use nuclear weapons on the already ruined country. However, this showed no effect, and the Beast advanced into the Eurasian continent. What followed became known as the “Dark War,” the greatest conflict in the history of mankind.

The Beast was unaffected by all forms of weaponry, and mankind lay powerless to face it. A one-sided slaughter waged on throughout the world, and the people lived in fear of the Beast. But then arose of the “Six Heroes,” and hope was restored.

Mankind joined the Six Heroes in a counterattack with the use of “Ars Magus,” an invention of the Great Magister Nine. At the end of a long battle, they stood victorious over the Beast, which finally fell. Nearly ten years had passed since the Beast first emerged in Japan.

However, even with the Black Beast gone, mankind’s wounds ran deep. The people were forced to live in Hierarchical Cities to escape the seithr the Beast emitted from its body.

With Ars Magus applied to scientific advancements, the world was once again changed.


A century later, A.D. 2199, 13th Hierarchical City “Kagutsuchi”

A man appears in the city, which is under the control of the “Novus Orbis Librarium.” His name is “Ragna the Bloodedge.” He is a SS-rank bounty head who rebels against the Librarium with his “Azure Grimoire.”



As he awakes, the man doesn’t remember anything. He has no idea where or who he is, but something has led him into Kagutsuchi. He knows he is called the “Grim Reaper,” an enemy of the Librarium…He knows he holds the “Azure Grimoire”…He knows the Librarium is chasing him…He delves deep into Kagutsuchi, alone, with an almost nostalgic feeling…Heading to the “Cauldron” in the deepest part of the city…

Was this a “pre-established harmony”…or a “central fiction”…?