This is a mode where you are able to engage in network battles with players from all over the world by connecting to PlayStation®Network. It also allows you to register for/view rankings and observe other players’ matches.

* Note: PlayStation®3/PlayStation®4 cross-platform play compatible.
PlayStation®3: You are required to sign up for PlayStation™Network to have online matches in the Network Mode of this game.
PlayStation®4: Online multiplayer requires a PlayStation®Plus membership (sold separately).


Ranked Match

Matches will be conducted under a certain set of regulations. The results of the match will be registered for rankings. You can also upload the replay data under certain conditions.

You can search for opponents using filter options. If no criteria are set, the search will use default criteria. You will advance to the battle preparation screen after matching.



Player Match

Each session can have up to eight players. There are four room types you can choose from: Match/Spectating, Free-for-All, Training, and Replay Theater. You’re also able to customize other minor regulations. Match result here will not be registered for any of the rankings. You’re also allowed to invite friends to your sessions.



Online Lobby

Visit a lobby where BB players gather from all over the world. Each lobby can contain up to 32 players and you’re allowed to sit in a battle kiosk as seen in real-life arcades. You will be able to communicate with any of the players via text chat.




View the overall ranking, refer to D-Code, and download replays.



D-Code Edit

D-code (Drive code) is an ID card that has the personal data of the player. These cards are stored on the server. Your D-card will be automatically created when you first play in Network Mode and is updated every time you play online. Your D-code is unique to you, and changes as you play in online matches.

Edit your profile used for matches in Network Mode.



My Room Settings

Set the room you’re going to use for a Player Match. For My Room, walls, floors, and furniture can be decorated as you wish. You can purchase new furniture with P$ or by unlocking by satisfying certain conditions.




Here you can interact with other players. Recordings of Training Mode with commentary can be shared here.



Player List

Players you have played against before can be added to your list and categorized as either a “Good Player” or a “Bad Player.”

Player Match: Players you’ve marked as “Good” can also be selected as rivals. Profiles for the players you’ve categorized as rivals will show up on the right hand side of the network menu, allowing for easier access to their information.

Player Match: When viewed through D-Code, the names of players you’ve marked as “Bad” will be shown in purple (although only to you).




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