Tutorial Mode

Tutorial Mode is a training mode for those who have never played 2D fighting games or the BlazBlue series. Come here to learn basics, and get used to the button controls.



Training Mode

Come here to practice anything from basic moves to advanced combos. Begin by selecting the character you want to play and the character you want to practice your moves on. Several different settings can be adjusted in the Training Menu.



Challenge Mode

Come here for more practical character controls as well as more advanced combos. Each character has ten missions to go through. These are very challenging missions, but try your best to complete them all.



Story Mode

Play through each character’s story mode to gain a whole new understanding of the world of BlazBlue. Each character has multiple paths available to them. Winning or losing important matches can show you a new version of the story you thought you knew.



Arcade Mode

Play the Arcade version of BlazBlue: Central Fiction, fighting your way through computer-controlled opponents to uncover a glimpse into the BlazBlue universe. The mode will be cleared when your character defeats a certain number of computer-controlled opponents.



Versus Mode

Go one-on-one against the computer opponent. Select your favorite stage and BGM, and let the rebellion begin!


Grim of Abyss Mode

Survive through a series of battles, heading towards the bottom of the Hierarchical City Kagutsuchi while improving a selected character. Your character’s HP will be slightly restored every time your character defeats an opponent. You will get a game over as soon as you lose one round.



Score Attack Mode

Compete against computer-controlled opponents for the highest score. The mode will be cleared when you defeat ten computer-controlled opponents. You won’t be able to continue if you are defeated.

After clearing Score Attack Mode, you can post your scores online to see how you fare against other players around the globe. There’s always room for improvement, so keep on trying until you’re Number One!

*This mode won’t be affected by the difficulty settings in options of the game.



Replay Theater

In the theater, you can watch matches that you’ve recorded. Only online battles can be saved to watch offline. You can also download other players recorded matches through ranking.



Gallery Mode

In the Gallery Mode, you can view or purchase the in-game movies, CGs, event scenes, and special artwork, as well as view voices, sound effects, BGM, and medals. Switch among graphics, sounds, and medals by pressing L Button and R Button.