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Aksys Games is pleased to announce the fifth installment of the hit fighting game series, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system! BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma continues where BlazBlue: Continuum Shift left off! New characters, a new fighting system and more greet fans new and old in this sequel to the hit series!

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In a time now long past, mankind faced extinction at the hands of the “Black Beast”, a creature that appeared out of the darkness. The Beast was possessed by an awesome power, and it appeared that the time of man would soon be at an end. It was then, in humanity’s darkest hour, that six heroes of unknown origin came forward to defeat the Beast. They brought with them the ancient power of “Ars Magus”, which they freely shared with mankind. Turning their ingenuity to the formation of new, more powerful weapons, humanity discovered a process by which they could infuse their own technology with the power of ancient magic. It was in this way that humanity created the “Ars Magus” and discovered a power far beyond what magic or technology alone could have given them.


With this newfound power, mankind once again confronted the Beast, with the six heroes fighting alongside them. After many long, blood-soaked battles, the Beast finally fell, ending what would come to be known as the “First War of Magic”. The heroes who fought beside human warriors in the First War of Magic were immortalized for their deeds and, through generations, came to be known as the “Six Heroes”.

The Black Beast was defeated, and humanity breathed a sigh of relief, but their troubles were far from over.

Great flows of a substance that looked to most like a black fog began to pour from the corpse of the Black Beast, and before long it covered most of the Earth’s surface. It was quickly discovered that prolonged exposure to this black mist, later dubbed “Seithr”, was detrimental to humans. In an effort to avoid it, what remained of the human race retreated to cities built near the tops of mountains, known as “Hierarchical Cities”.

An organization was formed during the First War to regulate the use of the “Grimoire”, the Armagus training texts. This “Novus Orbis Librarium Armagus”, and the power it wielded with the Grimoire Armagus, brought about great advances across the spectrum of human technology. These gains threw mankind into a vast and all-encompassing reconstruction.

Decades have passed since the Librarium established itself as a dictatorship, and Magic became the deciding factor in nearly all of humanity’s affairs. This has led to a large socioeconomic gap between those who can wield the power of Armagus and those who cannot. Tensions began to flare, and before long a rebel organization calling itself the “Ikaruga Union” appeared, defying the totalitarian authority of the Librarium. With the creation of the Ikaruga Union, angry thoughts became open hostilities, and the “Second War of Magic” began. Tensions began to flare, and before long a rebel organization calling itself the “Ikaruga Federation” appeared, defying the totalitarian authority of the Librarium. With the creation of the Ikaruga Federation, angry thoughts became open hostilities, and the “Second War of Magic” began. It was this conflict, which also came to be known as the “Ikaruga Civil War”, that saw humans using the power of Armagus against one another for the first time.

~A.D.2200 Jan~

Many years have passed since those events.
During that time a branch of the Librarium, reputed to command a force as powerful as an entire nation’s army, was suddenly and utterly destroyed by a single man who has been branded a traitor.


Ragna the Bloodedge who currently has the highest bounty ever offered in recorded history and considered by just about everyone alive as public enemy #1, a merciless killer hell-bent on destroying public order. He traveled from Hierarchical City to Hierarchical City, destroying the Cauldrons that lay beneath them. After destroying the Cauldron and the NOL fortress in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi, something seemed to change in him, but despite his change in personality, his true goals and motivations remain a mystery to those around him.

BLAZBLUE: CHRONO PHANTASMA puts a heavy emphasis on story-telling and crafting a deep, complex narrative. We expect these elements to appeal to and draw in comic, manga and anime fans. Story Mode is both open-ended and multi-ending. As such, the player can choose their path and enjoy their own story.


In BlazBlue:Chrono Phantasma five new characters make their appearance – Amane, Bullet, Azrael, Izayoi, and Kagura – bringing the total roster of playable characters up to 24, with two new downloadable characters!

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